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Vehicle tracking and protection:

The best solution for both assets and fleet of card, buses
and all types of vehicles.
locate the vehicle anywhere in the Kingdom and around
the world though Google Map.
you can control the car remotely anywhere in the
world as given below :

1 - Allow Stop / Start Vehicle.
2 - Allow close / Open door
3 - Check engine status.

Calculate mileage in specified date ranges.
you can check your vehicle movement as location history report by the date ranges.
Alerts service will keep you informed to know your vehicle over speed, enter in
blind area and engine status by e-mail alert.
You can view the oil change report as per oil limit setting.
Ensure the device three years the quality and excellent price.
All our servers (Datacenter) are entire contents of the system, technical support
and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Personal Tracking:

- With the using of personal tracker you can control your kids, pets and protect businessmen
from the criminals.
- SOS button for phone calls and send SMS in case of danger or loss of child.
- With personal tracker you can keep watch on your kids by our system.
- You can connect and listen to him in the state of audio calling.

The System works:

The system works over the internet by our website which you can access from anywhere in the world.
Anyone who has a authorized credential (username and password) can access the system.
The system communicate with the device through GPRS / GSM technology and device.
receive GPS signals through satellite.
The system interface in multilingual (Arabic - English) and also suitable fro individuals and companies.

Dear Customer:

By the using of our system you are secured and safe of your vehicle wherever you go, whatever the distance is will not be afraid for you vehicle.

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