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Whether you are a Fortune 500 executive or a lone worker in a remote office, being heard and understood is the most critical component of any business meeting. So why not give yourself and your employees the best possible voice communication experience?

Polycom Voice Conferencing soutions have been the industry’s leading audio conferencing soluitons for more than 20 years. We’ve earned that loyalty through our excellent voice quality and relentless commitment to innovation.

Polycom’s broad portfolio of devices ensures that businesses of all types and sizes can clearly hear and be heard, which improves your business productivity and delivers a seamless and natural communications experience.

Polycom Voice Conferencing Solutions:

• Are optimized for Microsoft® and comprise a broad selection of conference phones and installed audio solutions for nearly any room environment

• Deliver legendary voice quality so your attention remains focused on the critical tasks at hand

• Deliver advanced audio capabilities that create more realistic meeting environments

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