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IT Consulting

IT project managers can manage a variety of types of IT projects including the implementation of new hardware or software or the design of a new network. An IT project manager will help ensure that any project is completed on time and on budget. Our IT consulting services include offering IT project management services to business throughout Saudi Arabia. Our experienced IT project managers can work with our clients’ management teams during any stage of the project design, deployment, or completion.

We have experience and knowledge handing IT projects and pay special attention to completely understanding your main project goals and objectives in order to keep these a priority.

To learn more about the IT project manager services that are available from Forward Slash Technology and to determine how these and our other IT consulting services can help your business

What IT Project Managers Do

An IT project manager or the complete IT project management team handles and manages the work of IT projects. IT project manager duties typically include balancing the demands regarding the scope, time, cost, risk, quality, and expectations during a project. An IT project manager typically oversees a project in order to help complete the project as close to the forecasted time and budget as possible. Our job is to determine your budget and your needs, and engineer solutions that work for your organization. Each solution we develop will work specifically for you; you will have many options and we'll take the time to explain how each solution is different.



Our IT project managers are available to handle nearly any type and scale of project. From short-term implementations of new software to designing, deploying, and managing projects that require a high level of expertise, our IT project managers can deliver the service and results you need. From the early project design stages to deployment and completion, the IT project managers from GNS Arabia can help. We have experience working with all sizes of projects and can handle any project for large or small companies throughout the country.


Our IT Project Manager Experience

Each IT project manager that you will work with from GNS Arabia has a thorough understanding of the IT project management field. We have experience working on a variety of IT projects including the design and implementation of new hardware, software, or networks. Whether you need an IT project manager for a short term task or for managing a large scale project, we can help. Our IT project managers aim to ensure that clients receive high quality results for each project. We achieve superior results by developing a thorough understanding of project goals when beginning each project and keeping a focus on these goals throughout the entire project.

Types of projects that our IT project managers have experience with or are otherwise prepared to handle include:

  • Microsoft Active Directory Design and Implementation Projects
  • Server Consolidation Projects
  • VMware Implementation Projects
  • Citrix Implementation Projects
  • Microsoft Platform Deployment Projects
  • Storage Platform Deployment Projects
  • Enterprise Network Deployment Projects
  • Information Security Consulting Projects: including Managed Security Services and Security Software and Hardware Project
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